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Bijie City, Taoying Village, Blossom Time For Agate Red Cherries

2023/11/20 21:06:26

BIJIE, China, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by Guizhou Daily:

October in the golden autumn, with its vibrant layers of foliage, transforms the village of Taoying in the deep mountains into a picturesque scene.

Located in China, Guizhou Province, Bijie City, Nayong County, Taoying Village is renowned as the hometown of Agate Red cherries. As we drives into the village, sculptures of red cherries come into view.

During the cherry season, the busy villagers of Taoying are bustling with activity.
During the cherry season, the busy villagers of Taoying are bustling with activity.

A small cherry has changed the fate of the entire village. "Currently, our entire cherry production value is around 28 million yuan, with an average income per person reaching 22,660 yuan. The village collective has also grown from zero to 8 million yuan," proudly stated Xiao Jun, the Party Branch Secretary of Taoying Village and the Director of the Village Committee.

The establishment of the cherry industry in Taoying Village originated from both a "serendipitous discovery" and a "breakthrough initiative". In the past, due to poor land and steep slopes, the development of Taoying Village had been constrained. In the spring of 1996, Xu Fujun, a member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang from the Agricultural Bureau of Nayong County, accidentally discovered a large and sweet cherry while working. After several improvements, he finally cultivated the Agate Red cherry. Miraculously, the temperament of the Agate Red cherry perfectly matched the land of Taoying.

Identifying the industry was only the first step; it needed to be implemented. However, at that time, many villagers in Taoying primarily made a living by making tiles and pottery. "In the past, the sky of Taoying Village was covered in gray, with clay kilns scattered all over the hillside," recalled Xiao Jun of the difficulties in the early stages of industrial development. "Villagers did not have the idea of developing the cherry industry. We went door-to-door, communicated with them, and promoted cherry planting through various channels, such as free distribution of saplings and supporting fertilizers, and policy subsidies."

Now, the entire cherry planting area in Taoying Village is nearly 5,000 acres. Every household has cherry trees, and everyone knows how to plant cherry trees. Villager Yang Huhu and his wife are also cherry growers. He joined a collective economic cooperative and transferred more than 40 acres of land to develop the cherry industry. Without leaving the village, their annual income exceeds hundred thousand yuan.

The growth of the cherry industry has created more development opportunities for Taoying Village. In recent years, the village has held cherry festivals, attracting tourists for picking and leisure activities. Xiao Jun told reporters, "During the cherry blossom season, the number of tourists coming to Taoying Village exceeds 500,000 people annually, providing stable income growth for the villagers." The increase in the number of tourists has also driven the development of surrounding towns. Currently, Taoying Village has established a centralized place for the sale and trade of Agate Red cherries, becoming a sales market that integrates food, accommodation, and transportation.

Unlike the bustling spring, Taoying Village in autumn has returned to tranquility. However, Xiao Jun and the village cadres have not slowed down at all. He believes that, Taoying Village can also become a leisure destination for residents of surrounding cities and counties. "We will focus on creating popular spots for agricultural tourism, developing weekend economy, and attracting off-season traffic."

By the riverside of Zongxi, villagers are once again carefully tending to and pruning the cherry trees. When spring arrives next year, they will bear abundant and sweet fruits.


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